Humility O Grace So Sweet

Humility, O grace so sweet!
Come, dwell within my heart;
Oh, press me to my Savior’s feet;
There lowliness impart.

Come softly from thy throne above,
O grace so sweet and fair;
Come, touch my heart in gentle love,
And scatter meekness there.

Humility, in Christ complete,
I seek thy pleasant ways;
For lowly place at Jesus’ feet
My heart with longing prays. [Refrain]

Humility, the sweetest cup
Of which my heart e’er drank!
I’ve taken but one little sup,
But deep within it sank. [Refrain]

Humility, O gift divine,
Thine odors fill the air;
And while our hearts to thee incline,
Oh, shed thy fragrance there. [Refrain]

O sink my heart to nothingness,
Down, down to lowly planes;
Then up, far up in joyfulness,
My soul in glory reigns. [Refrain]

O heaven’s grace-humility!
Thy cherished charm I’ll wear;
I must be humble, Lord, like Thee,
Thy holy image bear. [Refrain]