Hungering For The Sacred Fire

Hung’ring for the sacred fire,
Seeking Thee with strong desire,
For a pow’r to lift me higher-
Lord, I come!

All I have to Thee I’m bringing,
On Thy altar all I’m leaving,
And from Thee I am receiving
Of Thy pow’r.

Nought have I to gain Thy favour,
Weak is even strong endeavour;
But Thy love does never waver-
Lord, I come! [Chorus]

And Thy voice my soul hath bidden,
None from Thee hath e’er been driven;
To the side that once was riven,
Lord, I come! [Chorus]

In that love my need supplying,
In Thy boundless grace relying,
Thou art not my plea denying-
Lord, I come! [Chorus]

Precious is the cleansing river,
More than life art Thou the Giver;
Filled am I, the glad receiver-
Lord, I come! [Chorus]