Hushed Every Bird That Sings

Hushed ev’ry bird that sings,
Hushed ev’ry note that swells;
In the still tomb He lies
Silent in death.

The bands of death are burst in twain,
And from the awful gloom
The risen Lord comes forth to reign,
Triumphant o’er the tomb.

Wrapped in the linen shrouds,
Wrapped in its awful night;
From the dark tomb He came,
Our glorious King. [Refrain]

Saved by His wondrous grace,
Cleansed in that crimson flow;
Risen with Christ in God
We too shall rise. [Refrain]

Sing, choirs of angels sing,
Sing ev’ry living thing;
Jesus is conqueror
O’er death and hell. [Refrain]