I Acknowledge My Transgressions

I acknowledge my transgressions,
I confess my guilt and sin,
But I come in deep contrition,
Praying, cleanse me from my sin.

Cleanse me, Savior, cleanse me, Savior,
I am all unclean;
Wash me thoroughly from iniquity,
Cleanse me from my sin.

I have sinned against thee, Father,
And have lived from thee apart;
Blot out, in thy tender mercy,
The transgressions of my heart. [Refrain]

A clean heart create within me,
A right spirit, Lord, renew;
Wash me in the blood of sprinkling,
And my soul with love endue. [Refrain]

Then will I, restored and healed,
Lead some other soul to thee,
And a true and faithful servant,
Henceforth in thy vineyard be. [Refrain]