I Am Alone Your God And Lord

I am, alone, your God and Lord;
All idols are to be abhorred.
Trust Me, step boldly to My throne;
With all your hearts love Me alone.

Do not My holy name disgrace,
Do not My Word of truth abase.
Praise only that as good and true
Which I, your God, would say and do.

Hallow the day which God has blest,
That you and all your house may rest.
And put aside the work you do
So that God’s Word may work in you.

You are to honor and obey
Your parents, masters, ev’ry day,
Serve them each way that comes to hand;
You’ll then live long upon the land.

Curb anger, do not harm or kill,
Hate not, repay not ill with ill.
Be patient and of gentle mind,
Convince your foe that you are kind.

Be faithful to your marriage vows,
Your heart give only to your spouse,
Keep your life pure and free fom sin,
By temp’rance and self-discipline.

You shall not steal or cheat away
What others worked for night and day,
But open up a gen’rous hand
To feed the poor in all the land.

False witness you mustnever bear,
Nor with your neighbor be unfair;
The cause of innocence embrace,
And shield the fallen from disgrace.

By show of right or crafty fame,
Seek not your neighbor’s goods to gain;
Urge spouse and workers to be true
To stay and do what they should do.

These Ten Commandments show us all
The sins our lives hold since the Fall.
They also help us clearly see
How pure t’ward God our life should be.