I Am Alpha Says The Savior

I am Alpha, says the Savior;
I Omega likewise am:
I was dead, and live for ever,
God Almighty and the Lamb.
In the Lord is our perfection,
And in him our boast we’ll make:
We shall share his resurrection,
If we of his death partake.

Ye that die without repentance,
Ye must rise when Christ appears,
Rise to hear your dreadful sentence,
While the saints rejoice in theirs:
You to dwell with fiends infernal,
They with Jesus Christ to reign;
They go into life eternal,
You to everlasting pain.

Bold rebellion, base backsliding,
Stop your course, reflect with dread;
In destruction there’s no hiding,
Death and hell give up their dead:
Every sea, and lake and river
Shall restore their dead to view:
Shout for gladness O believer;
Christ is risen, so shall you.

Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the use of Christians,