I Am Baptized Into Thy Name

I am baptized into Thy name,
O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!
Among Thy seed a place I claim,
Among Thy consecrated host;
Buried with Christ and dead to sin,
Thy Spirit now shall live within.

My loving Father, here dost Thou
Proclaim me as Thy child and heir;
Thou, faithful Saviour, bidd’st me now
the fruit of all Thy sorrows share;
Thou, Holy Ghost, wilt comfort me
When darkest clouds around I see.

I bring Thee here, my God, anew,
Of all I am or have the whole;
Quicken my life, and make me true,
Take full possession of my soul,
Let naught within me, naught I own,
Serve any will but Thine alone.

And never let me waver more,
O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost;
Till at Thy will this life is o’er,
Still keep me in Thy faithful host,
So unto Thee I live and die,
And praise Thee evermore on high.