I Am Calling To You O Lord

O let my prayer rise before you,
like incense in your sight.

* Odd verses sung by cantor – Even verses sung by all.

I am calling to you, O Lord, make haste to help me,
listen to my voice as I cry to you for help. [Refrain]
My prayer rises as incense before you,
my hands are raised like an evening offering. [Refrain]
Set a guard over my mouth, O Lord,
your watchman at the gateway of my lips. [Refrain]
Keep watch over my heart lest I turn to wrong,
guard my steps, lest I should turn to evil ways. [Refrain]
Keep me from the company of those who rejoice in evil,
preferring instead the correction of someone good. [Refrain]
Better the blows of the good than the compliments of the wicked,
daily, I counter their malice and pride with prayer. [Refrain]
When you break the pow’r of darkness,
then shall all take delight in your words. [Refrain]
Let your words be a warning against injustice,
the bones of the wicked are scattered as the dust. [Refrain]
Lord, my God, I turn my eyes to you alone,
you are my shelter, keep me in your protection. [Refrain]
Keep me from the snares laid to catch the sinner,
keep me from falling into the hands of the unjust. [Refrain]
Let the wicked fall into the traps laid before them,
but guide my steps, that I may go safely on my way. [Refrain]