I Am Cleansed Within That Wondrous Fount

I am cleansed within that wondrous fountain
Which is flowing from my Saviour’s side,
And I feel the blessed Spirit’s Witness,
Who shall be my true and faithful Guide.

I am happy, I am happy,
With His precious blood He ransomed me,
I am happy, I am happy,
For my Saviour comes and walks with me.

O how sweetly He doth lead me onward
In the pleasant paths of love and peace!
He has promised to be always with me,
Till my pilgrimage on earth shall cease. [Refrain]

I will rest my hope and all on Jesus,
For my Saviour ever cares for me;
I will never doubt His precious promise;
In His service I will faithful be. [Refrain]

Then all hail the blessed name of Jesus,
And adoring, at His footstool fall,
With the angels and the ransomed loved ones,
Hail and crown Him King and Lord of all.