I Am Clinging To The Rock Though The Wav

I am clinging to the Rock,
Tho’ the waves are wild and dark,
Tho’ the angry billows o’er me roll;
For I can not be afraid,
And my heart is undismayed,
While the Savior is the anchor of my soul.

Yes, I’m clinging to the Rock,
I am clinging to the Rock for evermore,
And there’s refuge there for me;
On the Savior trust, there’s refuge there.

I am clinging to the Rock,
Tho’ the way be lone and dark,
Tho’ the dreary shadows round me lie;
There are gleaming stars that shine
O’er this weary path of mine,
They will light me into joys that never die. [Refrain]

I am clinging to the Rock,
And I fear no tempest shock,
Tho’ the fiery darts of Satan fly;
For my feet are standing sure
On the Rock that shall endure,
When the earth and seas and skies are passed away. [Refrain]