I Am Coming Gentle Savior

I am coming, gentle Savior,
Take me firmly by the hand;
Keep me in the narrow pathway,
Leading to the heavenly land;
For my feet have oft been straying
In forbidden paths of sin,
And from Thee my heart has wandered;
Make me, keep me pure within.

I am coming, gentle Savior,
Coming quickly unto Thee;
For I hear Thy sweet voice calling,
Oh, poor sinner, come to Me!
And I know that Thou art mighty,
Thou canst wash me free from sin;
Take my heart, O Lord, and cleanse it,
And forever dwell within.

I am coming, gentle Savior,
I have naught but love to bring,
Save a heart both weak and sinful,
But to Thee, my all, I cling;
Naught to bring, but Thou hast called me,
Thy great love is all my plea,
All the world I leave behind me,
And to Thy dear arms I flee.