I Am Coming Jesus Savior

I am coming, Jesus, Savior,
Weary of indwelling sin;
Struggling, wrestling, and suppressing
Fail to give me rest within.

Jesus, Jesus, blessed Jesus!
Thou hast now this heart of mine,
Keep it ever pure and holy,
May my will be always Thine.

Now I cease my vain endeavor;
Thou alone canst set me free;
Laying all upon Thine altar,
To the cleansing fount I flee. [Refrain]

Sinking, sinking; lower lower,
‘Neath the flow of cleansing blood;
Nothing knowing, all forsaking,
Wholly swallowed up in God! [Refrain]

Rising higher, and still higher,
Lost in regions of delight!
No more doubting, no more sinning,
No more shadows, no more night. [Refrain]

Oh, the boundless love of Jesus!
How it fills and thrills my soul!
Now I have the full assurance,
As I near the heav’nly goal. [Refrain]