I Am Coming O My Savior Hanks

I am coming, O my Saviour,
For my heart is sad and sore;
And I seek the rest thou givest
Mine to be for evermore.

I am coming, I am coming,
In my weakness, Lord, to Thee.
For I know Thou wilt receive me,
Thy sure promise is my plea.

I am coming, blest Redeemer,
I have heard Thy loving call;
And though sins untold oppress me,
Thou can’st save me from them all. [Refrain]

I am coming, Jesus, Master,
Guide my falt’ring steps aright,
May the Holy Spirit lead me,
Out of darkness into light. [Refrain]

I am coming, though the tempter
Bids my trembling soul despair,
If I reach the door of mercy
I shall never perish there. [Refrain]