I Am Coming To The Cross Lord Jesus

I am coming to the cross, Lord Jesus,
Where the precious blood was shed for me;
I have borne too long sin’s heavy burden,
But Thy saving grace can set me free.

I am coming to the cross of Calvary,
Where for me the cruel nails He bore;
I will give myself to Him who died for me;
Sing His wondrous love forevermore!

I am coming to the cross, dear Saviour,
As a broken hearted, contrite soul;
Pleading but Thy great, redeeming mercy,
Let Thy touch uplift and make me whole. [Refrain]

I am coming to the cross, dear Master,
Thou hast paid the price none else could pay;
Thou hast bought me for Thine own forever;
May my life Thy keeping pow’r display. [Refrain]