I Am Drinking At The Fountain

I am drinking at the fountain
Where I ever would abide,
For I’ve tasted life’s pure river,
And my soul is satisfied.
There’s no thirsting for life’s pleasure,
Nor adorning, rich and gay,
For I’ve found a richer treasure,
One that fadeth not away.

Is not this the land of Beulah,
Blessed, blessed land of light,
Where the flowers bloom for ever
And the sun is always bright?

*By the pathway of duty
Flows the river of God’s grace;
By the pathway of duty
Flows the river of God’s grace.

Tell me not of heavy crosses,
Nor of burdens hard to bear,
For I’ve found this great salvation
Makes each burden light appear.
And I love to follow Jesus,
Gladly counting all but dross,
Worldly honours all forsaking
For the glory of the cross.

O the cross has wondrous glory!
Oft I’ve proved this to be true;
When I’m in the way so narrow
I can see a pathway through;
And how sweetly Jesus whispers:
Take the cross, thou needst not fear,
For I’ve trod the way before thee
And the glory lingers near.