I Am Drinking At The Fountain That Will

I am drinking at the fountain that will never run dry,
Drinking of the new wine of Canaan;
The Savior heard my pleading and my anxious cry,
I yielded, and the blessed Holy Ghost came in.

Drinking at the fountain, daily at the fountain,
Feasting on the new wine of Canaan,
And my Savior satisfies my every longing,
For I’m dwelling in the land of Canaan.

Oh, the load of sin I carried has been taken away,
Now from sin I’m free Hallelujah,
While leaning on His loving arm I cannot stray;
He dwells with me, the blessed Holy Ghost each day. [Refrain]

He is willing, He is waiting now to make your heart pure,
Open wide the door, bid Him enter;
Oh, hear Him, still He’s knocking, hear Him still implore;
Throw open wide the door, and He will enter in. [Refrain]