I Am Free From Condemnation Fully Saved

I am free from condemnation,
Fully saved and satisfied;
All my sins have been remitted
By the Saviour crucified.

For I left them at the cross,
At the cross of Calvary;
Underneath the blood, the precious blood
That was shed to make me free.

I was weak and heavy laden
With a load I could not bear,
But I fled to Calv’ry’s mountain
All my sins were cancelled there. [Refrain]

I was poor, despised, forsaken,
Many years I went astray,
But at last I found the Saviour,
He has washed my sins away. [Refrain]

Now my life is full of sunshine,
It is heaven here below;
Ev’ry sin has been forgiven,
They are underneath the flow. [Refrain]