I Am Free From Condemnation Since The Lo

I am free from condemnation since the Lord has made me whole,
I have ceased from my repining since He filled with joy my soul;
I am ever pressing onward in the straight and narrow way,
Singing, glory, hallelujah, I am saved today.

I am saved today, I am saved today,
All my sins I have forsaken for the narrow way;
I am saved today, I am saved today,
Glory, glory, hallelujah, I am saved today.

I am living now for Jesus with a purpose to be true,
He will never, never leave me, I am sure He’ll take me through;
Though the trials may be many, and the host of hell array,
By His grace I just keep singing, I am saved today. [Refrain]

Jesus, keep me in Thy service, help me ever watch and wait,
Praying always in the Spirit, till I reach the pearly gate;
Use me, Lord, to Thine own glory, that some other soul can say,
By the power of the Savior, I am saved today. [Refrain]

There is naught can ever sever me from Christ, my Lord and King,
I am dwelling in His presence, I abide beneath His wing;
What a blessed consolation just to know that I can say
In the resurrection morning, I am saved today. [Refrain]

Evening Light Songs, (Timeless Truths)