I Am On The Gospel Railway En Route To C

I’m on the gospel railway, en route to Canaan’s land,
I’ve left the world behind me, to join the pilgrim band,
The way is safe, the rails are strong, the train is going thro’,
And all who wear Christ’s uniform will meet in grand review.

Then get on board the gospel train,
Oh get on board today,
For if you miss your chance on this,
You’ll find no other way.

The gospel train was started six thousand years ago,
At times it ran like lightning, at other times quite slow;
But He who now controls the train, and keeps it on the track,
Will run it thro’ to paradise, but will not bring it back. [Chorus]

No other train will follow the Calv’ry mountain line,
The Bible is the headlight, which makes the engine shine,
The signal is the ringing bell, inviting all to come,
And take a trip to Beulah land, the saints’ eternal home. [Chorus]

The train is at the station, and waiting now for thee,
King Jesus is Conductor, He offers passage free;
O sinner, get your passport now, while open is the gate,
When Gabriel blows, the gate will close, and then ’twill be too late. [Chorus]

She soon will reach the station, the last one on the line,
In yonder golden city, where tow’rs of crystal shine;
When all the resurrected host, from either land or sea,
Will join the coronation song, the final jubilee. [Chorus]