I Did In Heart Rejoice

I did in heart rejoice
to hear the people’s voice
In offering so willingly:
For let us up, say they,
And in the Lord’s house pray:
Thus spake the folk with amity.

Our feet that wander’d wide
shall in thy gates abide,
O thou Jerusalem full fair;
Which art so seemly set
Much like a city neat,
Whither the people do repair.

The tribes with one accord
to give thanks to the Lord
Are thither bent their way to take:
So God before did tell
That there his Israel
their prayers should together make.

For there are thrones erect,
and that for this respect,
To set forth justice orderly:
Which thrones right to maintain,
To David’s house remain,
his folk to judge with equity.

To pray let us not cease
for Jerusalem’s peace:
Thy friends God keep in amity;
Peace be thy walls about;
And prosper thee throughout
thy palaces continually.

For my friends sake will I
wish that prosperity
May evermore abide in thee:
God’s house doth me allure
Thy wealth for to procure
as much as always lies in me.