I Do Believe The Bible

I do believe the Bible, the blessed word of God,
For life unto its promises I cleave;
It points me to the pathway the saints and martyrs trod,
My Father is its author, and I believe.

Yes, I believe the blessed word of God,
It marks the path his people all have trod;
The story from creation,
Way thro’ to “Revelation,”
Bears proof of inspiration,
And I believe.

It was my parent’s counsel, to them its truths were grand,
And mem’ry oft a picture sweet doth weave,
Of that “old-fashioned Bible that lay upon the stand,”
In life, in death it sav’d them, and I believe. [Chorus]

I once was lost and dying in darkness and despair,
And o’er my lost condition long time griev’d,
Until I search’d the Bible and read of Jesus there,
Who sweetly blest and sav’d me, when I believed. [Chorus]

Bold infidels may cavil, and scorn the blessed Book,
And with a false hope, too, themselves deceive;
And yet the while the Bible gives life to those who look
With faith upon its pages, and I believe. [Chorus]