I Do Believe With All My Soul

I do believe with all my soul
That Jesus’ blood now makes me whole!
I plunge beneath the crimson tide,
Which flow’d from out His wounded side!

I do believe! I do believe!
The cleansing blood I now receive;
With joy my ransom’d soul doth sing
Hosannas to my God and King.

I do believe with all my heart
That Jesus doth new life impart!
For now I live as ne’er before,
In Christ who liveth evermore [Chorus]

I do believe that Christ my King
Will come again me home to bring!
To dwell in mansions bright and fair,
And with Him in His glory share. [Chorus]

I do believe in heav’n above
There will be naught but purest love;
And there my ransom’d soul shall sing,
Hosanna to my God and King! [Chorus]