I Do Not Ask For Diadem Or Scepter

I do not ask for diadem or scepter,
I do not seek for worldly joy or fame,
I only ask to follow my Redeemer,
And tell abroad the wonders of His name.

I will travel all the way to Calvary,
I will walk the road that Jesus walk’d for me,
I will serve Him to the end,
For He is my dearest friend,
I will travel all the way to Calvary.

I know the path He trod is never easy,
It cost the Son of God His precious blood,
It leads on to the cross of nameless anguish,
But ever climbeth upward unto God. [Chorus]

I cannot turn aside, for love impels me
To drink the cup of sorrow and of woe;
But mingled with the tears I find the comfort,
The peace that only Jesus can bestow. [Chorus]

So trusting in His love, I’ll toil and suffer,
Supported by His everlasting grace,
Until at last I rise complete, perfected,
Transformed to look upon His blessed face. [Chorus]