I Do Not Ask Thee Lord

I DO not ask thee, Lord,
That all my life may be
An easy, smooth and pleasant path;
‘Twould not be good for me.
But O I ask today
That grace and strength be given
To keep me fighting all the way
That leads to God and Heaven!

I do not ask thee, Lord,
That tears may never flow,
Or that the world may always smile
Upon me as I go.
From thee fell drops of blood;
A thorn-crown pressed thy brow;
Thy suffering brought thee victory then,
And thou canst help me now.

And what if strength should fail,
And heart more deeply bleed?
Or what if dark and lonely days
Draw forth the cry of need?
That cry will bring thee down
My needy soul to fill,
And thou wilt teach my yearning heart
To know and do thy will.