I Do Not Fear To Tread The Path That Da

I do not fear to tread the path that darkly lies before,
I know the One in whom I trust, I prove Him o’er and o’er;
I know there will not be a cross for me alone to bear,
For He has promised to be with me,-Jesus will be there.

Jesus will be there! Jesus will be there!
He knows the cross is more than I alone can bear;
Jesus will be there! Jesus will be there!
And so my heart will fear no evil! Jesus will be there!

When sorrows come, through all my tears, my Saviour I shall see,
O’er thorny vale, and rocky steep, His arms will shelter me;
He will be strength for every need, with grace beyond compare,
And so my faith has full assurance, Jesus will be there! [Refrain]

And so I calmly go to meet the trials of the way,
With hope and courage born of Him there’s vict’ry through the day;
Like singing bird or blooming flow’r, I need not have a care,
Today, tomorrow and forever, Jesus will be there! [Refrain]