I Do Not Understand How It Can Be

I do not understand how it can be
That even Thou canst heal a soul like me;
But this I know, and in that surety hide,-
I only know Christ died.

O Lord, I come; I have no worth to plead,
I have no off’ring but my sinful need;
But O, to Thee who hath the way supplied,
I only say-Christ died!

So wasted and so lost my life has been,
I have no power to cleanse myself from sin;
And so to Thee, forgetting all my pride,
I humbly plead-Christ died. [Refrain]

And O, so mighty was the sacrifice,
So great th’atonement made for all our lives,
That this I know,-I shall not be denied,
Since ’twas for me Christ died. [Refrain]