I Dreamed Of The A Land Of The Pure And

I dreamed of the land of the pure and bright,
The city of God, the saint’s delight;
And the saints of all ages and children were there,
That city of God and that home to share.

O! that beautiful dream;
O! that beautiful dream;
Shall I the saints, and those children see,
Or, shall it be only a dream?

I dreamed that the trials of life were o’er,
And the saints were walking the golden shore:
Where they ate of the fruit of life’s evergreen tree,
O! city of God and that home to share. [Chorus]

I dreamed that I saw them in robes of white;
With crowns on their brow of golden light;
I looked as they wandered life’s river along,
I listened, and heard a most beautiful song. [Chorus]