I Entered Once A Home Of Care

I entered once a home of care,
For age and penury were there,
Yet joy and peace withal;
I asked the lonely mother, whence
Her helpless widowhood’s defense,
She told me, Christ was all!

All in all,
All in all,
Be this my trust whate’er befall,
“Christ is all in all.”

I saw the martyr at the stake,
And not fierce flames his faith could shake,
Nor death his soul appall;
I asked him whence such strength was given,
He looked triumphantly to heaven,
And answered, “Christ is all!” [Refrain]

I saw the Gospel herald go
To Afric’s sand and Greenland’s snow,
To save from Satan’s thrall;
Nor home, nor life he counted dear,
‘Midst wants and perils owned no fear,
He felt that Christ was all. [Refrain]

I dreamt that hoary time had fled,
And earth and sea resigned their dead,
A fire dissolved this ball:
I saw the Church’s glorious throng;
I heard the burden of their song,-
‘T was Christ is all in all! [Refrain]

Then come to Jesus! come to-day!
Come! Father, Son, and Spirit, say;
The Bride repeats the call:
Come! he has blood for all your stains;
come! he has balm for all your pains;
Come! he is all in all! [Refrain]