I Extol You O Lord Hear The Praises

I extol you, O Lord,
hear the praises I voice;
As I boast in my God,
O you troubled, rejoice.
Come and glorify Him and exalt His great name:
He delivers from guilt and removes all our shame.

Those who look to the Lord
shine with radiant light,
For He hears every cry,
and He saves from each plight;
And the angel of God camps around those who fear:
Taste and see, God is good-He will dry every tear.

O how blessed are they
who take refuge in God.
Fear the Lord, you His saints,
and you’ll never lack good.
If you love life and wish to see many good days,
Turn from evil, do good, seek the peace of God’s ways.

For the eyes of the Lord
on the righteous do stay,
And His ear hears their cry;
He’s attentive always.
But the face of the Lord is against evil men.
They’ll be cut off; no memory of them will remain.

When the righteous cry out,
the Lord hears every prayer.
He delivers them from
all their trouble and care.
For the Lord e’er is close to the broken in heart,
And He saves all whose spirits are crushed by their lot.

Though the righteous may have
every trouble and grief,
God delivers from all,
gives protection, relief.
All the foes of the righteous He’ll surely condemn,
But the Lord redeems all who take refuge in Him.