I Fear The Foe No More

I fear the foe no more,
My doubts and fears are o’er,
For every day, along life’s way,
I walk secure and free.
My Savior and my Friend,
On whom I can depend,
He changes not, whate’er my lot,
And always cares for me.

He cares for me, so true is He;
He’ll be my Friend till life shall end,
And always cares for me.

He is a faithful Guide,
Who never leaves my side,
His love the light that breaks the night,
And bids the shadows flee.
Tho’ stormy billows roll,
They cannot reach my soul,
For He who knows will soothe my woes,
And always cares for me. [Refrain]

When time shall be no more,
And sorrow’s night is o’er,
What joy divine, what rapture mine,
When I that land shall see!
And with the saints pass in
Beyond the reach of sin,
Saved by His grace, I’ll see the face
Of Him who cares for me. [Refrain]