I Feel In My Heart A Blessing Divine

I feel in my heart a blessing divine,
‘Tis sweet as the music of heav’n,
It fills all my soul with wonderful peace,
Since Jesus my sins has forgiv’n.

Peace, peace, wonderful peace,
Since Jesus my all doth control;
Peace, peace, wonderful peace,
Sweet peace is flooding my soul.

A treasure worth more than silver and gold
Is peace that the world cannot know,
Secure in my heart, a balm to my soul,
‘Tis with me wherever I go. [Refrain]

O wonderful peace, O spirit of rest,
A calm that allays all my fears;
‘Tis filling my heart with love that shall last
Thro’ all of eternity’s years. [Refrain]

This peace from my Lord has given to me
A foretaste of glory divine,
‘Tis comfort, ’tis hope, ’tis knowledge of him,
Assurance that Jesus is mine. [Refrain]

Some day I shall rise to mansions on high,
Beholding my Lord on the throne.
And singing anew of wonderful peace,
There dwelling as one of his own. [Refrain]