I Feel Like Singing All The Time My Tear

I feel like singing all the time,
My tears are wiped away,
For Jesus is a friend of mine,
I’ll serve him every day.

Singing glory, glory,
Glory be to God on high.

When on the cross my Lord I saw,
Nailed there by sins of mine,
Fast fell the burning tears; but now
I’m singing all the time.

When fierce temptations try my heart,
I’ll sing: Jesus is mine!
And so, though tears at times may start,
I’m singing all the time.

The wondrous story of the Lamb
We’ll tell in every clime,
Till others, taught the glad new song,
Go singing all the time.

The angels sing a glorious song,
But not a song like mine,
For I am washed in Jesus’ blood,
And singing all the time.