I Follow The Footsteps Of Jesus My Lord

I follow the footsteps of Jesus, my Lord,
His Spirit doth lead me along;
I walk in the pathway made plain by his word,
And he fills all my soul with this song.

Glory to God, my spirit is free,
Glory to God, he purifies me;
I’m walking the thorn-path, but joyful I’ll be
While following Jesus, my Lord.

A leper he found me, polluted by sin,
From which he alone can set free;
He spake, in his mercy, “I will, be thou clean,”
And he instantly purified me. [Refrain]

A captive i woe to my prison of night,
The Master hath open’d the door;
Shout aloud of deliv’rance, ye angels of light,
Praise his name, O my soul, evermore. [Refrain]

Proclaim it, ’tis done, full salvation is wrought
For sinners from sorrow and woe;
Sing aloud of his grace who my pardon has bought,
For his blood washes whiter than snow. [Refrain]