I Found Sweet Peace In Christ My Lord

I found sweet peace in Christ my Lord,
Which nothing can destroy;
And as I fully trust His word,
My heart is filled with joy.
I’ll lean upon His mighty arm,
And in His strength I’ll go;
With Him I’ll fear no ill nor harm,
He longs His grace to show.

There’s joy supreme within my soul,
For Jesus now is there;
He drives all sorrow’s tears away,
My burdens He doth bear.
I’ll trust His promises of grace,
And in His love I’ll rest,
Thro’ trials dark behold His face,
With Him I shall be blest.

Oh, troubled one with sins dismayed,
There’s cleansing in the blood;
Then come to Christ, your debt He paid,
Be reconciled to God.
There’s grace sufficient for thy need,
Oh, come just as thou art;
For you, my brother, we now plead,
To Christ give now thy heart.