I Had Sought Throughout Creation

I had sought throughout creation,
Searched its vast, amazing whole,
For an object to delight in,
Adequate to fill the soul.
After turning nature’s pages
Forward, backward, o’er and o’er,
I attained not satisfaction,
But my longings grew the more.

Then amid angelic orders
Asked I if there were not one,
Willing to extend his friendship
To a wretched soul undone:
Soon a lofty spirit answered,
“No; there is not one of us,
Can hold friendship with a spirit
Fallen, guilty, wandering thus.”

Shame and grief now overwhelmed me,-
My sad heart was nigh to break,
All my frame with terror trembled,
And my tongue no more could speak;
Then gushed forth a briny torrent,
Down unto the crystal floor,
Nothing through unending ages,
Can from memory blot that hour.

Then a glance in helpless sorrow
Turned I to the central throne,-
There I saw the Mediator
Who for my life gave his own.
“There is He,” I faintly whispered,
“Read I not upon His face,
That his heart is full of pity,
Full, to sinful worms, of grace?”

Then I drew unto his footstool,
Prostrate fell before his seat;
And I pleaded for his favour;
Pointing to his hands and feet:
“I will pour,” I said, “my sorrow
And my need into his ear,
All my grief I will unbosom:
It is Jesus, need I fear!”

Then while I a bosom opened,
Full of darkness, want and sin,
He a bosom full of mercy
Opened to receive me in:
Those kind hands which once were pierced,
Reached he forth to raise my head:-
From that all-transporting moment
All my hopeless longings fled.

Favorite Welsh Hymns,