I Had Wandered Far Away In The Land Of M

I had wander’d far away
In the land of mighty foes,
And my soul had felt the bitterness of sin;
I was marching with the hosts
That the truth of God oppose,
And among the sav’d I was not counted in.

Counted in, Counted in,
Whosoever will believe is counted in.
What a jubilee of joy,
In the heavens then is heard,
When a soul among the sav’d is counted in.

But I found it written down,
Whosoever will believe
In the Son of God is sav’d from ev’ry sin;
And I bless his holy name,
That the promise I receive,-
In that “whosoever” I am counted in. [Chorus]

When the pardon full and free,
That is promis’d in His word,
Is receiv’d by faith and Jesus enters in;
What a jubilee of joy
In the heavens then is heard,
And a soul among the sav’d is counted in? [Chorus]

Oh, my sinner friend, beware,
A revealing day is near
That will show the secrets of thy heart within;
Have it cleans’d by grace divine
And when Jesus shall appear,
He will then among His jewels count you in. [Chorus]