I Had Wandered Far From My Fathers House

I had wander’d far from my Father’s house,
On a dark and dang’rous way,
When my Savior came, and His mighty arm
Rescued me that blessed day.

‘Twas a vary happy day, when Jesus came,
A very, very happy day,
‘Twas a vary happy day, when Jesus came,
And washed my sins away.

I had naught to plead but His wondrous grace,
I had naught for His reward;
But He cleansed my soul in His precious blood,
Now I own Him King and Lord. [Chorus]

In my need He came and my need was met;
In my darkness He is light;
For my hungry soul, He’s the Bread of Life,
In my weakness He is Might. [Chorus]

Now the light and peace of yon heav’nly home
Seems to shine about my way;
I am strong in Him who has been my all,
Since that day, that happy day. [Chorus]