I Have A Dear Friend Who Is Precious To

I have a dear Friend who is precious to me,
On whom in all need I may call,
And who, since his love is so pure and so true,
To me is the best Friend of all.

His love, it has never, no, never been told,
So wonderful, boundless, and free;
The one in ten thousand, the dearest of all
Is Jesus my Savior to me.

He comforts in sorrow, he calms in the storm,
He answers the heart’s faintest call;
And so, in his friendship and love unto me,
My Savior is dearest of all. [Refrain]

In times of affliction, in moments of grief,
Or when painful trials befall,
He then is my refuge for comfort and help,
For he is the dearest of all. [Refrain]

Among the dear friends whom I love and esteem,
Of all the kind friends I recall,
Not one can compare with this friend of all friends,
My Savior is dearest of all. [Refrain]