I Have A Friend A Faithful Friend He Di

I have a Friend, a faithful Friend,
He died, from destruction to save me,
My hopeless cause He did defend,
And life everlasting He gave me.

He died, yes, He died on the cross for me,
I look’d on Him there and my soul was free,
He’s more than a brother, than father or mother,
And I must be true to Him.

He guides my feet along life’s way,-
‘Tis blessed to follow His leading!
And hour by hour, from day to day,
He gives me whatever I’m needing. [Refrain]

I live thro’ Him, He dwells in me,
And I can do nothing without Him,
Tho’ other friends may faithless be,
I never, no, never, could doubt Him. [Refrain]

I lay me down in peace to sleep,
I know that His eye watches o’er me,
He hath redeem’d and He will keep,
Whatever the dangers before me. [Refrain]

O love that hath no bound, no end;
From which life nor death can dissever!
I must be true to this dear Friend,
I’ll love Him and serve Him forever. [Refrain]