I Have A Friend A Precious Friend On Who

I have a friend, a precious friend,
On whom I always can depend;
He is so tender, true and kind,
In Him a refuge sure I find.
From storm and trial He hideth me,
I’ll trust Him when I cannot see;
From fear and sin He makes me free,
This friend so dear is Jesus.

I sing of the love of Jesus,
For He is so precious to me;
In pastures green He leadeth,
My shepherd and keeper is He.
Wherever He leads I will follow,
For in Him rich blessings I see;
I sing of the love of Jesus,
For He is so precious to me.

When strangely tested thru and thru,
I always know just what to do;
I go to Him who feels my woe,
And this is why I love Him so.
He understands each act and deed,
And always helps in time of need;
Where could I find a truer friend,
A kinder friend than Jesus? [Refrain]

The love of Jesus is so sweet,
In Him is everything complete;
My only prayer, my only plea,
Is more of Christ and less of “me.”
Some day when life’s short race is run,
My blessed Lord will say, “Well done”;
What words could sound more sweet to me
Than these my Savior speaketh? [Refrain]