I Have A Friend A Precious Friend Who Ke

I have a friend, a precious friend,
Who keeps my day by day,
On whom my hopes of Heav’n depend,
Who is my guide and stay.

My dearest friend, my truest friend,
My friend in life, my friend in death,
Unto His name let praise ascend,
With glad, with glad exultant breath.

I need not feel one anxious thought,
Or know one pressing care,
But that I may-His word hath taught-
Take unto Him in prayer. [Refrain]

O sinner, take Him for your friend,
His grace is free to all;
He will the trusting soul defend,
Nor suffer it to fall. [Refrain]

‘Tis sweet to feel His presence near,
And on His strength rely,
To know that He thro’ life will cheer,
Support when death is nigh. [Refrain]

‘Tis sweet to work for such a friend;
Dear Lord, our efforts guide,
For if Thou wilt Thy blessing send,
The work shall e’er abide. [Refrain]