I Have A Friend An Everlasting Friend

I have a Friend, an everlasting Friend,
He is so kind, He is so good to me.
He bore my sins, He suffered to the end
That I might win a glorious victory.

Come to this Friend, He’s waiting now for thee;
he’ll be so kind, so loving, warm and true;
He’ll break your bands, from sin He’ll set you free,
He’ll be an everlasting Friend to you.

This Friend of mine, O ow He longs to give
The help you need in this dark world of sin.
He bids you come, no longer sinful live,
And thro His name a crown of glory win. [Chorus]

Thor’ ages past He’s proved a glorious Friend,
None eve asked and were by Him denied;
His blood was shed that you and I might spend
Eternity at His, our Savior’s side. [Chorus]