I Have A Friend Called Jesus Who Lived

I have a friend called Jesus,
Who lived here long ago,
And gave himself to save me
From all earth’s bitter woe,
Without the gate he suffered
To sanctify my soul,
My sins have been forgiven,
And I am now made whole.

Who can tell what Calv’ry means,
Who can comprehend the sight;
Who can know redemption’s scheme;
Who can fathom heav’n’s delight?

I am in sweet communion
With heaven hour by hour;
I’ve learned the precious secret
Of Jesus’ keeping pow’r.
His sacrifice on Calv’ry
A full salvation brought;
No less could be sufficient,
None greater could be wrought. [Refrain]

I have a flood of glory
Like ocean’s swelling tide,
Since now the Holy Spirit
Within me doth abide.
O I could sing forever
Of Calv’ry and the blood,
And never cease his praises
Around the throne of God! [Refrain]