I Have A Friend In Jesus Who Is A Barnes

I have a friend in Jesus
Who is a friend indeed;
And who, above all others
Is just the friend I need,
In counsel, care and blessing
His wondrous love I see,
And nothing seen or hidden,
Can take his love from me.

I have a friend who is a friend indeed,
My help, my strength in every time of need.

He has me in his keeping,
This friend, so great and kind,
In whom in all my troubles
A present help I find,
Through all the way before me
I have his hand to guide,
My faith in him reposing,
Whatever may betide. [Refrain]

I have his word of promise,
Replete with holy love,
That he will not forsake me,
Until we meet above,
And having for a refuge,
The shadow of his wing,
‘Tis sweet indeed, to speak it,
And oh, how sweet to sing. [Refrain]