I Have A Friend Who Is Able

I have a Friend who is able to save me,
He is my Brother, and yet He is God;
He made the world, and He came from the glory,
Just to redeem me thro’ His precious blood.

I have a Friend He is King of the Ages,
On His great love I may ever depend;
Trouble or sorrow cannot overwhelm me,
I have a Friend, yes, an Almighty Friend.

I have a Friend who is willing to save me,
“Come unto me” is the word of His grace;
Tho’ I am sinful, from sin He will cleanse me,
And in His kingdom will give me a place. [Chorus]

I have a Friend, and He saves me this moment,
“Glory to God” is the song I now sing;
I am redeemed, and my gracious Redeemer,
Liveth in me as my Lord and my King. [Chorus]