I Have A Gracious Master

I have a gracious Master,
He helps me ev’ry day,
When golden light is sparkling,
When all the sky is gray;
His teaching is so patient;
He tells me what to do,
And binds in his glad service
My heart to his anew.

Who would not know this Saviour,
This Master and this Friend?
Oh, will you not accept him
Whose love can never end?

I have a Friend so faithful,
So tender and so true;
His love to me is boundless,
His power is boundless too;
He never will forsake me,
This precious truth I know;
His word cannot be broken,
And he has told me so. [Refrain]

I have a mighty Saviour
My utmost need to meet,
His blood is perfect cleansing,
I stand in him complete;
O Saviour, Friend almighty,
I long to love thee more,
And better, sweeter praises
Unceasingly outpour. [Refrain]