I Have A Great Savior Who Saves Every Da

I have a great Savior who saves ev’ry day,
Who guideth my feet lest I wander astray;
Who leads ev’ry step of life’s weary-some way,
I have such a Savior-have you?

I have such a Savior-have you?
Is my Savior you Savior, too?
Has He entered the door, to depart nevermore?
Is my Savior your Savior too?

A Helper have I in whom I can confide,
In dangers and trials He’s close by my side,
And keeps me so sweetly tho’ tempted and tried,
I have such a Helper-have you? [Chorus]

I have a great Shepherd who loveth His sheep,
Who calls them by name, and in safety doth keep;
They feed in green pastures by still waters deep,
I have such a Shepherd-have you? [Chorus]

I’ve found a great Shelter from life’s wintry blast,
In storm and in tempest He holdeth me fast;
My hope as an anchor on Jesus I’ve cast,
I have such a Shelter-have you? [Chorus]