I Have A Home Beyond The Silent River

I have a Home beyond the silent river,
Where loved ones wait to welcome me some day;
I have a Guide to lead me safely over,
When I have reached the ending of earth’s way.

I have a Home, a Home beyond the river,
I have a resting place all love and peace;
I have a Home, a Home beyond the river,
Blest Home beyond, where toil and tears shall cease.

I have a Friend who e’er awaits my coming,
He stands with arms outstretched to fold me in;
And spite my woes and weariness of raoming,
He’ll greet me with the love that bore my sin. [Refrain]

With Home and Friend beyond the silent river,
How fair will be the day that knows no night!
How sweet will be the songs I sing forever,
Eternally in God’s all-gracious sight. [Refrain]