I Have A Rest Within My Soul

I have a rest within my soul,
Tho’ tests and trials o’er me roll;
When all about my bark goes wrong,
I look to Christ, He is my song.

He is my son in shadow or light,
He is my song in the thick of the fight;
He is my song alone in the night,
He is my song,
He is my song.

When in the fight for God my King,
This chorus thro’ my soul doth ring;
Although the fight be hard and long,
Still I can sing, He is my song. [Chorus]

Should deepest darkness round me fall,
Upon the Savior’s name I’d call;
His presence keeps me ever strong,
With hope I’ll sing, He is my song. [Chorus]

When I get there where angels dwell,
And heaven’s courts with music swell,
I’ll join me to that blood-washed throng,
And sing again, He is my song. [Chorus]