I Have A Savior I Want You To Know

I have a Savior I want you to know,
One to whom closely I cling;
One who is with me wherever I go,
Jesus, my Lord and my King.

I want you to know him,
I want you to know him,
I want you to love him, too;
I want you to know him;
To know is to love him;
I want you to love my King.

I was a captive-my ransom he paid,
Made me an heir to his throne;
Now I rejoice, and am never afraid,
He will not leave me alone. [Refrain]

Will you not meet him, this Jesus of mine?
Why not in him be made whole?
What shall it profit with all the world thine,
Gained by the loss of thy soul? [Refrain]

Come to the cross of my crucified Lord,
Learn of his power to save;
There let the sins of thy heart be out-poured,
There claim the promise he gave. [Refrain]

Then in my Savior a Friend you will find
Who can forgiveness bestow;
When to him all you have fully resigned,
Then you will love him, I know. [Refrain]